Focusing on Self Care: Energy and Vibes -
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Focusing on Self Care: Energy and Vibes

Focusing on Self Care: Energy and Vibes

Where do we start from here?  What if it’s focusing on self care: energy and vibes? Well if 2020 taught us anything, it’s to start focusing on what you can do right now, right here.  Most of the time the New Year brings about the same resolutions.   Lose weight, go to the gym and workout more, blah blah blah.  

But this year, I had three of my girlfriends say they really wanted to focus on self care. Three different women who do not know each other said this to me on the same day! That’s when I knew the universe is sending me a message. My sister, who is tough as nails with a heart of gold, said her resolution was to take better care of her body and her self. My facialist randomly mentioned her same intention when I saw her that day. And my sweet Kasia, my executive everything person, said she was making self care a top priority for the New Year.  From physical lotions and potions to controlling their thoughts, refocusing their energies, meditating, reading more, stressing less, and slowing down. The intention was set.

So I contemplated my own New Year’s resolution. Where am I going to focus my energies? We all have our own routine, or at least habits that turn into routines, routines that turn into patterns, patterns that turn in to a lifestyle. Some of us find comfort in books, at-home pampering, going for a walk, calling a friend, or even going to a movie.  Whatever it may be, I hope we all can find solstice in helping one another to finding our place of happiness and peace and solitude.

My Daily Routine

A few things I’ve started to incorporate daily that I would highly recommend to start the morning off for a healthy self-care routine:

  1. Start the night before by going through my full skincare routine.
  2. Write using The Morning Pages Journal–three full pages about anything–just stream of consciousness. Seriously, this lets you get a peak at your soul.
  3. Indulge in iced Chai Tea Latte-made with loving care by Darin.
  4. Now that I’m caffeined-up, hit the gym. Cardio and light weights for me.
  5. Choose an Angel Card to set the intention for the day.
  6. Read a book. Yes, I am actually reading one book each day. And to prove to myself that I have discipline I am making myself accountable by posting a video summary each day at noon. Today is day 19 and I’ve already read 19 books this year.

I have amazed myself. Isn’t that what a New Year’s resolution is about after all?

Kasia’s Routine

Now if you’re not as crazy as I am, here’s my friend, Kasia’s routine:

1. I like to start with a Morning Meditation (about 5-10 minutes) to quiet my thoughts and focus the good energies on the upcoming day.  I’ve been using the ‘Headspace’ app or you can visit the website or feel free to use youtube.

2. I wrap myself in a warm robe, make a cup of Yorkshire tea (or a K-cup of coffee), curl up on the couch with my puppies, and plan out my day using the high performance planner by Brendon Burchard. 

[Side Note: I try to write down at least three good intentions for the day to have a daily mantra and affirmations to aspire me throughout the day.]

3. Take a hot shower and get ready. Yes that includes, brushing your hair and your teeth, put on a little bit of makeup, and something cute to make you feel good.

Rinse & Repeat

Once your day is off to a good start, stay present, rinse and repeat for tomorrow! And as Big Magic says:

Gratitude, Always

Always, Gratitude

Choose Joy

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