Self Care: Put your mask on first -
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Self Care: Put your mask on first

Self Care: Put your mask on first

January is self-care month. I like to think of every day as self-care day, but of course I also think every day is my birthday. And what does one do on his or her birthday? Hopefully whatever they want. THAT to me is self-care. To wander. To play. To be.

Never do anything you don’t want to do

A couple years ago, during a brief conversation in the HSN hallways, Suzy Orman shared with me, “I never do anything I don’t want to do.” Pow! This stuck with me for days, and apparently years, as I pondered what it must be like to never to do anything you don’t want to do. Now, that’s self-care. That’s putting your mask on first.

So, tactically, what would that day look like?


First, up early. Write in stream of consciousness in my Artist’s Way Journal–three pages, just a mind-dump, writing to clear the space. Then, coffee or my latest favorite: homemade Chai tea latte that Darin has perfected. Once caffeinated, I would head to the gym to work out on the TRX bands, or do weights with the Sweat app. Lately though, I’ve just focused on cardio so I can read while I’m on the bike.


Why read? Well, I wanted to challenge myself this year so I’m reading one book each day and doing live video book summaries at noon. I didn’t initially think of this as self-care. However, now on my 2nd week of reading I am realizing that this challenge was the best self care gift ever. My mind feels alive; I feel energized and focused. And because I have committed to to reading a book each day I have had to cut out a lot of time wasting activities. Clearly they weren’t that important anyway.

But I digress, the next step in a self care indulgence day for me would be some stretching. Sometimes Hatha yoga moves outside on the dock. Sometimes a guided sequence in the Sweat app, or sometimes I like to stretch infront of the tv, while watching/listening to my favorite inspirational podcasts.

Have Fun

At this point in the day, well, this girl just wants to have fun! How about a little volleyball bump time with my daughter? Or a walk on the beach? Or maybe I’ll just play some 80s music.

So remember, self care is all about putting your mask on first. No one can take better care of you than you. What could you do today to take better care of yourself?

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