It's All in the Frame you Put Around It -
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It’s All in the Frame you Put Around It

Picture frame

It’s All in the Frame you Put Around It


Yes, let’s paint some flowery pictures together. Funny how the more you do something the more it becomes part of your identity, how a daily action turns in to a habit and a habit turns in to a pattern and a pattern turns in to a personality trait. Appreciating the nuances of language is a skill I am constantly learning. And I have come to appreciate that it’s all in the frame you put around it…in any given situation.

Perception is Reality

Perception is reality. At least one person’s perception at that specific moment in time is their reality. So what if we frame situations in positive ways? What if we look for solutions?

Like Cropping a Photo

Maybe like cropping a photo or adding a fun photo frame with an app.

Disruption of 2020

The term sensory advantage came to me at 4am a few nights ago, as I lay awake trying to name this sense of hightened awareness about the angst and disruption happening in past few months of 2020. Am I simply overwhelmed as an empath? Is it compassion? Sadness? I find myself longing for the freedoms of only months ago, deeply wounded with awareness that the plans I made for and with my daughter will not come to fruition. Certainly at least not in the ways I had imagined.

Growth Mindset

Then I return to my training, and my practice. I ask myself, “What’s good about it?” In today’s terms, a growth mindset. I have found this simple way of reframing all I need to change my mood and my reality. It really is all the frame you put around it.

Power of Questions

So I’m painting rainbows and reimagining the days. The frame I’m choosing to put around situations is in the question, “What can I learn from this?” And “How can I grow?” And “What am I not seeing?”

Answers Show Up

I believe the answers show up when you ask better questions. It’s all in the frame you put around it. Do you agree?

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