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A Series of One Year Plans

A Series of One Year Plans

Once I had it all figured out…

Once I had it all figured out, the job, the house, the next bigger house in the suburbs, the kids, the five year plan, the 10 year plan.

Yeah, it didn’t work out like that.

Now it’s about the micro steps.

And I am now living the life I have imagined as Thoreau said.

Illustrates living the life you have imagined. Jumping in air on Great Wall of China, May 2016
Great Wall of China, May 2016

I’m realizing that it’s more about the next right micro step and allowing that to lead me to the next, well fill-in-the-blank. The way through the challenge is to ask yourself, “What is the next right move?” as Oprah outlines as only she can here. Listening to my intuition, and taking a second to hear it and then consciously choosing my next action rather than milling it over for days or being frozen analyzing situations until they get stale.

A series of one-year plans

On our first date a few years ago, my sweet Darin asked me about my plans for the future. And without a thought–just like that–it fell out of my mouth: “I’m on a series of one year plans.”

The truth bypassed my thoughts and came out in my words.

And the honesty of it still astounds me. I just said it and it was true. No thought, no pre-planned pretty answer. It’s like that sense in your body that you feel BEFORE something actually happens…those milliseconds between when a thought is conscious and when you enact it. And just like that, in that instant, I started living my series of one year plans.

So what’s your life like? Messy or pristine? Unpredictable or planned? Art or Science? Maybe one of those ever-changing shades of grey in between?

This may be worth contemplating…

Have you ever considered a series of one-year plans?

  • porno
    Posted at 19:51h, 17 December Reply

    An amazing message to all moms out there. Thank you for this, it is SO important. Kristal Jaime Daniele

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