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Portable Charger 101

Portable Charger 101

So what portable charger do I need? So many choices!


In short, if you have a smart phone you need at least a 3,000 Mah charger. Those will be the smaller lip-stick or envelope sizes and are light enough to carry in your purse without really noticing.


What the heck is Mah? Think of it as units of power.
A smart phone needs a charger that has 3,000 Mah at least.
A tablet will need more power so you need a portable charger that has a higher Mah.

Charging capabilities 3,00 mAh vs 12,000 mAh




iphone-dock-connector-cableBut will it work with MY phone? Yes. The chargers are universally compatible for the most part. The key is knowing what cable to use. When in doubt, use the cable that came with your phone. You already know the end that plugs in to your phone. The other end is highly likely to be a standard USB. So just plug the USB in to the portable charger. If you have an iPhone 4S or older, use a 30-pin cable. If you have a newer iPhone use a Lightning cable or adapter(see photo below, adapter converts a Micro USB to a Lightening). If you have an Android (basically about any phone that’s not an iPhone) use a Micro USB.


If you are charging portable electronics you will most likely need a Mini USB or a Micro USB.
If you are charging a phone:
  1. Take the cable you use to charge your phone
  2. Put the USB end in the portable charger labeled 1.1
    • TIP: if you put it in the USB labeled 2.1, it will charge your device faster.
  3. Put the other end in your phone.

If you are charging a tablet:

  1. Determine if it’s Apple or Android.
  2. Then find the compatible cable.
  3. Use the port that’s labeled 2.1 or higher.


Things to remember:

  • Keep in mind that more powerful phones and tablets and chargers are being developed every day, so just watch the units of power and purchase the capability of your charger as you purchase more powerful electronics.
  • Purchase a good brand. In electronics, you usually get what you pay for. By that I mean, a “good” portable charger should hold its charge for months if it’s unused. It should also be rechargeable 100s of times. Lesser quality portable chargers can fail in both of these areas.

Finally, how do I re-charge my charger? Simply use the Micro USB input, meaning going in to the micro USB slot on the charger. The standard USB end goes in to the wall adapter which then plugs in to your wall outlet at your convenience. Most chargers will give you indicator lights to show that the unit is full again.

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