My Favorite Beauty Secrets -
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My Favorite Beauty Secrets

Behind the Scenes Beauty Tips

My Favorite Beauty Secrets

All my life I wanted to be smart, now I just want to look cute.

Here are some of the fabulous finds I’ve discovered on my journey.

  • Chi Silk Infusion-great for the ends of your hair, for styling or to hide split ends. Love using the Silk Infusion on my ends when I’m using the flat iron, too.
  • Clinique Eyelash Primer-for bold, defined eyelashes. You can layer this on as well, before your mascara.
  • Obaji Skincare-I’ve been using this for 20 years. I swear by it. My friend, Patricia Flavin’s words still ring true,”It doesn’t matter what makeup you wear, it’s the quality of your skincare that matters.”
  • Prai Ageless Decollatage Cream-You’re never too young and never too old to use Prai Beauty.
  • Clinique Loose Powder–Transparency 03. This is my everyday secret in front of the camera, because you can layer it several times throughout the day. And it’s still light enough to use for a simple daily powder
  • Ardell Eyelashes-Babies–Love!
  • Duo Eyelash Glue-the secret is to brush it on. Big thanks to the HSN makeup artists for sharing this secret. It works!

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