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The Anticipation Before an International Trip!

The Anticipation Before an International Trip!


-chinese proverb

Who knew traveling to China IMG_7458would be such an endeavor? Exciting, yes. Challenging, yes.

First, you need a Visa in addition to the passport. Who knew? Mine arrived today, 2 days before we leave, even though I applied for it over a month ago. Here’s a tip: don’t mention you work in TV if you are planning a trip to China. First, I had to renew my passport because it expires in less than 6 months and one cannot get a visa with that limited amount of time remaining on the passport. Thank goodness for a well-informed travel agent.

So much advice…who knew one had to take toilet paper? I’ve done a bit of international traveling but only to Europe. Asia is another world. So I’m wondering how the experience will compare to the anticipation.

This is the first big expedition I’ve ever done without planning and preparing for every moment. Based on friendly advice given to me, here’s the checklist so far:

  1. Pack lightly and conservatively, not sure what that even means.
  2. Find comfy shoes. Yikes, I only have tennies, flops and ridiculous heels.
  3. Layers—traveling in March so it will feel cold in the mid 70s coming from sunny Florida. How cold is the AC? Here in St. Pete, I can almost catch a cold in the refrigerated section of the grocery and then get a sunburn walking out to my car.
  4. Water! Only bottled water??? Not a big deal until I started thinking about going without coffee for 10 days.
  5. Should I take my laptop? The unanimous answer is no.
  6. Had to wipe an old cell phone.
  7. Had to have it unlocked. Wow! Is that a chore. And who even knew my phone was locked? From what?
  8. Uncertain of wifi….so downloading apps I’ve only heard of but rarely used. What’s AP? WeChat?IMG_7468
  9. 13 hours time difference…
  10. Need to find a language conversion app.
  11. Need to find a money conversion app.
  12. How much cash do I exchange before I go?
  13. Gotta call credit card companies to tell them I’m traveling so my card is not denied in places I’ve never been. My credit card was just denied at Target because my travel agent prepaid a tour for next week. Thank goodness I could call the credit card security and clear it all up while I’m still in the states.
  14. Did I mention shoe shopping?
  15. Booked ticket for Mom to come in to help with my daughter while I’m gone.
  16. Prep my colleagues for subbing for my shows while I’m out.
  17. Say a thank you prayer for my aupair!
  18. Pay bills.
  19. Electrical adaptor?? Hoping Amazon prime will rescue me. However, my travel agent said most hotels have them.
  20. What’s the appropriate tip etiquette?
  21. What? I’ve been advised to take Imodium, Pepto Bismol and get a Z pack from my doctor, just in case. I’ve never had the misfortune to have use these items so I’m trying not to think about what this means.
  22. Did I mention that I don’t speak a lick of Mandarin?
  23. Ok, I hate being high maintenance but I have to get my nails done just before the trip. And my highlights so I don’t return as a brunette.
  24. Now…gotta get my daughter’s schedule of school projects and after school activities in order so my mother and my aupair will know what to do.

Stay tuned for my post-trip blog comparing expectation vs reality. Let the adventure begin!

  • Mike Pierce
    Posted at 02:16h, 08 May Reply

    What a wonderful opportunity you have. The world history and incredible culture you will experience. Safe to say that you will never be the same!

    • Lea Little
      Posted at 21:36h, 18 May Reply

      It was most certainly a highlight!! I can’t wait to share my experiences on a future blog.

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