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Ready To Wear

Ready To Wear

Do you ever wonder where your make-up went just hours after you applied it? Do you like easy, simple solutions? Then let me introduce you to Ready to Wear! One stop for easy, all-day make-up. I love solutions that are practical and affordable and really work.

I’ve been using the Ready to Wear lip glosses for over a year because….

  • they easily blend with any lip liner
  • they stay in place despite talking for hours
  • and they hold their color and don’t bleed or clump


So many friends behind the scenes at HSN use the Ready to Wear make-up, I decided to join the craze and try a few other products, in addition to the lip glosses I rely on every day. So I grabbed a couple friends and had some make-over playtime.



Emily jumped in with showing us how pretty she is without make-up. I think inner beauty shines through no matter what you put on top of your face.



I was most impressed with the Sublime Luxe Face Perfecting Powder and Brush, indeed it lives up to it’s “sublime” name. I love the consistency of how it easily blends, something I usually only find with a loose powder. The luxurious powder brush is the key to the beautiful even distribution. It’s so nice to be able perfectly place powder just where you need it. What I found later in the day was even a bigger surprise. My makeup didn’t look shiny and actually looked better three hours after I applied it. The look lasted all day. How often does that happen? Often I will apply and reapply makeup in between shows several times a day. With Ready to Wear, you can layer it without getting that layered make-up “cakey” sort of look.




The dual purpose Brow Sketcher Brush-On Brow Shaper was a real find! It’s challenging to find just the right brow color when you are a blonde, let alone in front of high definition cameras. I hear this promise from a lot of brands, but this one really delivered. And surprisingly, the same color that worked for me looked great on both Emily and Mimoza, even with their darker hair color. The brow sketcher’s slanted tip allows you to control the coverage you want…and it won’t come off until you take it off even here in sunny Florida on a 90 degree day.


Loved the Metaluxe Eye Crayon Duo! Just like they promise..twist up to beautiful eyes with this light-weight creamy time-release formula. It really delivers long-lasting light-catching effects. How cool is it that the “chubby” stick never needs sharpening. Emily has been using her favorite gold eye liner for two years. But she agreed, the deep mauve color was stunning from Ready to Wear. She had been given advice about specific eye colors and shadows that worked with her overall coloring. This color was not one of them. Then this:

Quote of the day…from Emily, “Who cares if they say you can’t?” referring to make-up “rules”. I love it! Make your own rules.

Who does’t LOVE a great mascara? I first saw this type of fiber technology early last year at the Orlando beauty show. This may be the hottest thing happening in make-up today. The fiber Lash Extension and mascara speak for themselves. What is it they say? A picture is worth 1,000 words. You be the judge.

IMG_8358 eyes IMG_8365 eidt2

I used the Volume Lash Mascara with a special brush has been developed to coat your lashes with an ultra-volume formula giving you volume and length.

Emily and Mimoza used the Power Lash Mascara – A formulation that includes all the ‘plusses’ for a perfect mascara. We learned that the special brush will allow a release of an ‘adhesive’ film enhancing the natural curve of the lashes. Power Lash contains two types of fibers that on application will give the appearance of extended length and thicker diameter of each lash.

Then we added the magic!

“I LOVE lash extension!! It’s fake lashes without the glue” -Mimoza

Lash Extension is not a mascara. It is a formula of dry fibers. We simply used the ‘sandwiching’ method of Lash Extension between coats of mascara. The first coat of mascara gives the Lash Extensions a coating to adhere to, while the second coat of mascara seals the Lash Extensions to your lashes. You’ll love the look and feel of your lashes! It’s like false eyelashes in a bottle!

Tip: Should a few fibers fall onto skin, just brush away lightly with a powder brush or cotton swab.

And Ta-da!!!



IMG_8376 mimoza after



  • Trudy
    Posted at 15:13h, 27 May Reply

    So happy you love it !!
    I also love couture powder

    • Lea Little
      Posted at 03:02h, 28 May Reply

      I look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

  • Andrea Gibson
    Posted at 13:19h, 05 November Reply

    I love Ready To Wear!

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