REVIEW: The Brow Shaper -
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REVIEW: The Brow Shaper

REVIEW: The Brow Shaper

While shooting an infomercial this past weekend my make-up artist mentioned to me that in her 20 years of doing make-up, the number one thing women are most picky about is their eyebrows. So, I wondered why are there so few options for making eyebrows fabulous?

My goal is to make life easier and more efficient so I can spend time with the people I love doing the things I love. So when I come across items that do just that, I give them a chance to be part of my daily routine. Some I use for years, but most I use for about a week then I either forget about them (which tells me it’s not benefiting my life substationally enough) and stuff it in a “to organize” basket or I just throw it away.  That said, I recently came across a unique product, The Brow Shaper, and decided to give it a try!


I’ve found from years on TV, that if I have no little baby hairs on my upper eyelid (just below the brow) that eyeshadow can stay on for a 16 hour day. But if those little blond hairs are growing in, then the shadow sits on top of them and rarely lasts very long. This is the perfect solution! At first I was a bit worried about putting something that looked like a razor close to my face. However the unique design proved to be really easy. No nicks, no scraps. It was one of the most exciting tools I’ve ever used. It was easy and it worked!

We tested this on our eyebrows, then just couldn’t stop. How about those annoying little hairs on your toes? What about that odd little chin hair that just keeps popping up? There are all sorts of places to use this gadget! Sweet Emily did a demo of how well it works on fine hair we all have on our arms:


I’ve been there…pluck them too much and you look 10 years older. Letting them grow is like watching paint dry… for months! Resisting plucking while you’re trying to let them grow in is the ultimate test in self control.

If you travel, this is so compact that you hardly notice it in your make-up bag. I love using this just between my brows on those little random hairs too, as well as just above the brow line where I would never usually pluck. I found that filling in my brows with a little color has lasted all day after using the brow shaper.

Useful products make me happy !

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