Reinventing Watermelon Salad -
A twist on the basic watermelon salad spiced up with pickled red onions
watermelon salad, feta, red onion, arugula
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Reinventing Watermelon Salad

Reinventing Watermelon Salad

So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

Let’s celebrate National Watermelon Month by reinventing watermelon salad with my favorite watermelon salad recipe.


Choosing the right watermelon

  • Look for the yellow patch. If there’s no spot on it that obviously shows where it has been sitting to ripen, but it back. It was picked too early.
  • Then look for a dull color to the skin; if it’s shiny, it’s not ready.
  • Finally, choose the darkest watermelon you can find to get the most sweetness.

Gather your other key ingredients

  • Arugula
  • Feta Cheese
  • Italian Dressing
  • Orange Juice
  • Lemon
  • Red Onion, pickled*
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Honey (another option)


Cut your well-chosen watermelon in to small bite-sized squares. Rinse the Arugula. You are free to choose how much or how little salad you add. Same with the Feta.

I find if I’m looking for a refreshing snack I’ll add more watermelon. If I’m hungry I’ll add more feta. If I’m trying to be fancy for company, I will place each piece of watermelon and feta and arugula on a small plate and try to emulate those foodie pictures.

Now, the dressing is up to your discretion as well. I’ll give you a few variations.

  1. Mix 1/2 cup Italian Dressing with 1/4 cup Orange Juice
  2. Add a squeeze of 1/2 a lemon
  3. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar (or I prefer Trim Healthy Naturals Gentle Sweet)

Option 2:

  1. Mix 1/2 cup Italian Dressing with 1 tablespoon of honey
  2. Add lemon to taste

And now for the magic~! Sliver red onion (just 5-10 small cuts) and soak in pickle juice (preferably overnight). Add a few choice delicious decorative slivers to top off your salad. The unexpected zing of the pickling of the red onion adds a succulent surprise.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy heart-healthy benefits or just fun-in the summer sun, this recipe is sure to please. Enjoy!

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