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“Just Keep Swimming”

“Just Keep Swimming”

IMG_8897I believe the universe is sending us messages all the time. In fact, almost every day I try to take a moment to reflect on words that have been spoken to me in passing or listen to a child closely. They have such wisdom to share with us. Who was it? Hellen Keller who said “There are miracles all around us if we just sharpen our perception of them.” What a beautiful sentiment from such a seemingly unlikely source.

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So this weekend, my daughter and I went to see Finding Dori for the 2nd time. The learning opportunities in that movie seemed like they were jumping out at me in 3D. When Hank first meets Dori she says innocently and honestly, “I’m okay with crazy.” Later as they are contemplating their life course, Hank returns the sentiment, “I’m okay with crazy.” I think we all have our own bit of crazy. And I am okay with crazy.

And isn’t life really exactly what Segourney Weaver kindly and gently announces like a mantra, “Rescue, rehabilitate, release.” It’s a perfect description of the cycle of growth and change and life. And sort of a means to move on to the next crazy…and then repeat.

One of my favorite lines ever from Finding Nemo is “Just keep swimming.” This ditty swims around my head quite often, especially as I look for ways to motivate my seven year old to action. It’s such a polite and precious way of saying, “Keep going, life is going to get better. This is temporary.” And it’s so true. If we keep at it, things always seems to change and I have found they usually change for the better.

Finally, my favorite: “There’s always another way.” This I believe with all my heart. I don’t always practice what I preach but I do my best to live a life of being open to finding another way. Often I’m accused of being an eternal optimist, a Polyanna of sorts. I’m okay with this. There are worst things to be labeled. My hope is to teach Victoria that there really is always another way. Never give up. Keep looking for alternatives. Keep reaching for answers. Stay open to possibilities and opinions that are different from your own. Listen, really listen and reflect and think and meditate and breathe and move and still your mind. There’s always another way….

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