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Garmin Drive Smart Review

Garmin Drive Smart Review

What I love about the Garmin Drive Smart 51 LMT:

  • Voice command
  • Lifetime of free map updates
  • Text and social media updates read to you while navigating


So why have a dedicated GPS instead of just using your smart phone? It’s dedicated technology with a clear and specific purpose: to get your to your destination. No more closing apps to see notifications. Who’s driving the car when you’re popping in and out of navigation to check other messages? Now the Garmin can read your texts to you while it is still giving you turn my turn directions while you can glance at the map.


Voice command makes it so easy. Talk to it to ask for directions for where you want to go. You can even give your GPS a name, instead of saying “voice command”. I have named mine Sparkle. So I just say “Sparkle” and  navigation menu pops up.


Did you know that one in five of our roads changes every year? Lifetime maps means that not only are the maps updated, but so are the points of interested. So if a new restaurant opens, it will show up in your GPS automatically when you update the maps. All across the country. If a gas station closes, it will no longer appear as an option when you update the maps…for free….forever.


Then if a text comes in I say, “Read text.” And you can set up the same feature with any of your social media notifications. I even have Sparkle read me notifications from my daughter’s school so I never miss details about things like the school play rehearsal.


Best of all, it’s just nice to have peace of mind. I first discovered the real joy of my Garmin years ago at the Toronto airport. As I was leaving the parking garage, I realized I had absolutely no sense of where I was. I didn’t know my north form south or even how to get out of the airport. It was scary..for two seconds. Then I realized I had my friend in the car to figure it all out for me so I could just enjoy the ride.


So whether you’re traveling to Toronto by way of Niagra Falls, or even in China, Garmin has the information you need.



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