Recipe for a Party of 40 -
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Recipe for a Party of 40

Recipe for a Party of 40


  • The Right Partners*
  • Fabulous Food
  • Creative Theme & Decor
  • Stunning Lighting
  • Traffic flow: Seating/Gathering area
  • Party Music
  • Bar/Drinks
    • This is the key ingredient!



  1. Choose the right partners (have great friends!) Know the strengths–and weaknesses–of your team. Let each host use their strengths.
  2. Brainstorm, plan, then delegate
  3. Be creative & flexible
  4. Enjoy the process


Have a pre-party meeting in advance. Ask your co-hosts what they envision for the party and/or share your vision. Then listen. Your good girlfriends will probably be open about what they do well and what they do not want to do. For example, I don’t really cook but I can decorate like a pro. For our party, Rheba was almost zen-like in the kitchen. It was gratifying just to watch her dance around the oven with the chicken skewers and cheeseburgers. If you let each co-host do what they love they will go the extra mile and enjoy every minute of it. Listen to what your friends don’t want to do, too. Then figure out how to get those items done in the least painful way for everybody. It’s a party after all!IMG_5625

Darin’s Secret 3 Layered Brownies

During our initial planning meeting, we tossed around a lot of ideas and found some creative Pinterest posts. Our fearless leader, Breck, then recapped our assignments giving each of us action items. Take away: everybody gets a to-do list.


Rummy Gummies

Then the creativity and flexibility kicks in. Our group text blew up 3 days before the event–sending pictures and checking off items on the lists. We swapped info on sale items and where to find them. It can be frenetic and fantastic at the same time.


Watermelon shark by Emily-the-exceptional


Mermaid Barbie in the mouth of the watermelon shark–my favorite


Pineapple palm tree…gotta love Pinterest

Big Insightful Tip: Considering hiring a helper who can refresh food and drinks, bus plates and be an extra set of hands. This is well worth the money, especially if you split the cost with your co-hosts.

Having dependable friends is the secret ingredient. For those last minute finishing touches and that inevitable one-more-bag-of-ice 10 minutes before the party starts, having people you can count on makes all the difference.

Best take-away:  from the one & only Breck aka party-thrower extraordinaire:  Great lighting and great food make for a great party. So true!

Supplies: tables, display trays, serving trays, decor, accents, plates, cups, naps, etc.

Logistics: prep area, delivery timeline, clean up


We had a fantastic team! Breck, Rheba, Elise, Elizabeth & Marcy…plus our fabulous men to help set up & keep drinks flowing!

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